Putting your categories to the test

Creating a website focused on user needs is important to the Government of Yukon. We conducted a card sort exercise in June to look at how a new website might be organized to better meet those needs. This exercise resulted in 16 categories created by Yukoners we tested.
The next step was to test the 16 categories to make sure they will work for our website users. We recruited a new batch of volunteers to participate in a tree test. In a tree test we give participants a task to do on a mock website. They click through the mock website until they get to a page where they think they should be able to complete the task. Then we score their success.
Yukoners (85% non-government staff) navigated the mock website to complete 12 tasks. 
Yukoners tested were able to complete tasks on our website using the 16 proposed categories. They were fairly successful navigating the newly organized content. There was some uncertainty about the tasks associated with the category called, ‘Transportation.’ This category has now been renamed ‘Driving and transportation’ to address this finding. All of the rest of the categories will remain the same. 
These findings have provided us with the information needed to start building a new website. This new website, called Yukon.ca will be organized around these categories.
Contact yg.digital@gov.yk.ca for more information.

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