Putting users’ needs first

This summer we reached out to Yukoners to participate in a card sort exercise. This research was conducted so we could find out how our website users would organize and name information and services on the government website. 
In this exercise, participants were shown 70 cards with names that reflected the diverse tasks and topics users want to do on a government website. Participants grouped these topics into categories and then named each category. 
These 16 categories were the result of this work:
  • Arts and events
  • Births, marriages and deaths
  • Doing business
  • Education and schools
  • Emergencies and safety
  • Employment
  • Health and wellness
  • Housing and property
  • Immigration
  • Outdoor recreation and wildlife 
  • Legal and social supports
  • Statistics and data
  • Transportation
  • Waste and recycling
  • Weather
  • Your government
These groupings will form the basis of a new government website. Users see one government, not departments, branches and program areas. This marks a shift away from organizing our website around the public service, and moving toward using words and groupings that work for our users.
Contact yg.digital@gov.yk.ca for more information.

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