Migration milestone reached

On February 5 and 6 we closed out our first gov.yk.ca department RedDot projects! The Women’s Directorate, Department of Economic Development and Yukon Housing Corporation are the first to migrate all of their webpages to Yukon.ca.

These departments didn’t have large websites, so we were able to focus on rewriting and approving web pages in their dedicated transition sessions.

The result?

We were able to delete 6 RedDot projects. Reducing the number of RedDot CMS projects is a mark of our progress in our transition journey. We aim to close out as many of these projects as possible for October 2019.

We want to ensure the government’s webpages are housed in our supported Drupal platform. This means they are written to our digital standards and they are accessible, bilingual, mobile-friendly and secure.

It also means people who use Yukon.ca will only have to look for information and services on one site. When we hear feedback from users who were unable to find something, it is often because the webpage they are looking for hasn’t been moved to Yukon.ca yet.

Next steps

We are meeting with the departments of Tourism and Culture and Health and Social Services next so watch out for more new content on Yukon.ca.

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