Continuing to refine’s search

We are continuing to refine the search experience. Here are some of the improvements we will deploy in the next couple of weeks.

  • Add stop words to search engine. This means we will filter out words like and, an, if, on, the, etc. so they are not prioritized in searches).
  • Rank body content field lower than title and meta description tags. They are currently all ranked the same but title and meta description should be ranked higher.
  • Rank basic pages higher than document pages.
  • Boost multi step page body content fields. At the moment these are not easily searched through, but they do rank through a Google search.
  • Add additional content types into search engine for indexing. Campaigns, events, places, campgrounds and in-page alerts don't look like they are being indexed and some are not available in the search page filters.

Once these fixes are applied we will run tests to make we’ve taken effective steps to improve the search experience.

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