Campaign pages launched

We have just released the first version of a campaign page content type. This is a simple, one-page site that will be used for:

  • time-limited promotional activities with a specific and measurable goal; and
  • raising awareness or seeking to change peoples’ behaviours.

After our discovery session, we understood there were two immediate needs for these campaign pages. Both have options for adding branding, adding images and integrating multi and social media. They are also built in Drupal and must follow the guidance in the government’s digital standard.

Government of Yukon campaign websites

The campaigns content type can be used for Government of Yukon campaigns.

As a test, the first Government of Yukon campaign page we launched coincided with the legalization of cannabis. The target audience was Yukon youth and the goal was to provide young people with information about the laws and consequences around driving while high. The site was live for several months and then archived after it served its purpose.

The URLs for these sites are visibly under For example,

Multi-jurisdiction campaign websites

The campaign content type can also be used for websites managed by more than one jurisdiction. The Government of Yukon often partners with other governments and jurisdictions. Using this content type allows us to include partner logos and create a unique URL that doesn’t visibly fall under

Examples of partnerships include: Yukon and Canada, Yukon and a First Nation government or Yukon and another province or territory.

In 2019 we will look at expanding this content type for longer-term campaign pages with multiple pages.

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