Planning for campaign websites

We are continuing to add improvements to One of our most requested new features is for campaign websites. Departments are looking for a way to build, run and manage this type of content.

Until now, the government published this content as "boutique websites." We have published hundreds of these sites, but this is no longer permitted. We want to make sure our users know to look to for all government services and information.

This means we have to find a solution for the pieces that don't fit with or have a brand exemption.

Discovery session goals

We met with departments for a discovery session so we could define the problem and work toward a solution. We had the following goals.

  • Develop a common understanding of what a campaign is and how they are used.
  • Define what qualifies as a campaign: time frames, channels, partnerships, etc.
  • Discuss user and staff needs in terms of visual design, metrics, language and overall user experience.
  • Come up with a requirements list of what a campaign page solution should include.

We defined campaign pages as “online destinations” used for:

  • time-limited promotional activities with a specific and measurable goal; and
  • raising awareness or seeking to change peoples’ behaviours.

The next steps are to draw up some wireframes, build and test the content type and start publishing sites. We are looking to have the content type available this fall.

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