What we're working on: April 2018

This is a list of what we’ve been working over the past few months what we plan to do next.

Yukon.ca website

  • We launched Yukon.ca on February 19, 2018.
  • To keep Yukon.ca available and accurate, and support staff using it, we’ve been working with groups throughout the government to improve the site’s technical architecture and overall usability of its content publishing tools.
  • We received a citizen’s web feedback form that the site’s information security could still be improved. After digging further into their report, we worked with staff from Technology Infrastructure and Operations to make the site even more secure. In doing so, we achieved an A+ report.
  • We are currently adding new content types. These include campgrounds, events and alerts. Alerts are live on the website now, with campground pages and campground listings to be released very soon.
  • With help from a local Drupal developer, we built a micro-service for YXY airport arrivals and departures within Yukon.ca. It is now in private beta.
  • We’ve also worked on the government’s plan to transition the rest of government to Yukon.ca. This includes its partner technologies including platforms for transactional services and public engagement.

Transactional services

  • Developed the new online service to submit a class 1 exploration notice. Staff from the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources and several local Drupal developers helped us with this project. It is now in private beta, after having been tested by users in the exploration industry.
  • We’ve started working on a new online service with the Department of Tourism and Culture staff and a local Drupal developer that will allow citizens to donate records to Yukon Archives. This is currently in private beta.
  • With support from ICT, we made “Find a government employee” the default service to look for contact information of staff online.

Things we plan to do next

Over the next 30 days, we expect to:

  • Create a roadmap for the next major version of Yukon.ca, including new features and bug fixes.
  • Start working on the Yukon.ca Design System. This will be a reusable toolkit that can be applied to government online services both within Drupal and on other technologies.
  • Continue to work with staff from Yukon Liquor Corporation on the forthcoming e-commerce store for selling cannabis online.
  • Analyze the web analytics data from Yukon.ca to inform future iterations and improvements.
  • Do more user research on the above-mentioned new transactional services as they transition to public beta status.

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