Improving search results on feedback indicates some people aren't finding what they expect in the search results. We appreciate your feedback and we're working to improve the accuracy and relevance of these results.

Improving our content

The first thing we are doing is to continue to move content to It is impossible for people using the website to find what they are looking for if it isn't there.

We are also checking our page meta descriptions to:

Improving the search feature

We've "boosted" the importance of page URL, title, meta description and body text over other page elements.

For example, here are some search results for some key phrases.

We will design a better search results experience. This will give users the option to filter results by: news, web page, documents and events. We will also visually identity each type of result and what type of page it is. This will help users understand what it is they are looking at in the list of results. Work on this has already started and we will deploy it to later this month.

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