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Janvier 20, 2020

As we head in to the new year, it’s a good time review our projects and report on how we’ve been progressing since our last update in August.

Décembre 16, 2019

The Government of Yukon has partnered with the Ontario Digital Service and colleagues across the country to offer our staff a training series called, “How to be digital in the public service.” We’ve also made sure that staff working for other governmen

Novembre 6, 2019

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been focused on migrating department and corporation webpages to, and tackling campaign websites. With that work well underway, we can now focus on migrating government forms.

Novembre 6, 2019

The Government of Yukon’s eServices for Citizens unit leads the government's digital transformation in public service delivery. We build, maintain and support digital platforms, standards, design systems and more.

Octobre 30, 2019

We launched the government’s open data website in June 2019. Since that time, we’ve been working to improve the content and we’ve started to gather feedback and track our analytics.

Since June, we’ve had:

Octobre 7, 2019

We recently partnered with the Yukon Legislative Assembly to launch the public beta of their new website. You can find it here -

Août 19, 2019

So far this summer we’ve been planning out our projects for the coming months. This is a summary of the projects we are working on and projects we hope to tackle in the near future.

Juin 25, 2019

Yukon now joins the other Canadian jurisdictions that have open data websites. The Government of Yukon open data website is how we provide a way for users to find, access and reuse our public datasets.

Juin 20, 2019

In the government’s last website migration project over a decade ago, we simply moved content from the old website to the new website. We didn’t assess or rewrite the content, we just moved it and continued to add to it over the years.

Mai 3, 2019

After launched in February 2018 we put a freeze on content migration for a couple of months so we had time to address bugs and initial user feedback.

Avril 12, 2019

We are continuing to refine the search experience. Here are some of the improvements we will deploy in the next couple of weeks.

Février 7, 2019

On February 5 and 6 we closed out our first department RedDot projects! The Women’s Directorate, Department of Economic Development and Yukon Housing Corporation are the first to migrate all of their webpages to

Octobre 15, 2018

We have just released the first version of a campaign page content type. This is a simple, one-page site that will be used for:

Septembre 18, 2018 feedback indicates some people aren't finding what they expect in the search results. We appreciate your feedback and we're working to improve the accuracy and relevance of these results.