A new government website, focused on our users

It has been over 10 years since the government has built a new website. Today we have launched Yukon.ca. This website is quite a bit different than gov.yk.ca

The content is focused on meeting our users’ needs

All of the pages you see on this first glimpse at Yukon.ca are the most important to our users. All of the pages have been rewritten so the information is clear and concise.

The information and services are organized by category, not government department. We reached out to Yukoners and volunteers participated in a card sort exercise which is where the categories originated. We tested those categories with a new group of participants and they worked. We will continue to test our content as we move forward.

Yukon.ca is responsive and looks brand new

It has a new look and features elements from the Government of Yukon brand standards. It was designed to be clean so the information stands out. 

This website was built to be responsive. We know many of our users access our information and services on mobile devices. The website’s responsive design ensures our users get a consistent experience regardless of the device or browser they are using.

There are not a lot of images. Many of our users access the government website from Yukon communities. We want to make sure pages don’t take long to load so our users can do what they need to do on the website as quickly as possible.

We want to hear from you 

We have feedback forms at the bottom of all pages on Yukon.ca where you can give us a thumbs up or thumbs down. You have the option to add more feedback. We want to know if the information was helpful, or what can be done to improve your experience on the page. We will gather this feedback and update the website to continuously improve your experience.

We will be announcing Yukon.ca releases on this blog so be sure to come back to learn about what the government is working on.

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