Campground and recreation site pages on

We’ve just released a series of 63 new campground and recreation sites pages on 

Our discovery work into our website users indicated this content is important to people who visit and live in Yukon. 

Now our users can view roadside accessible and backcountry campground and recreation site information on

Users can tailor their experience

With 42 roadside and 21 backcountry campgrounds and recreation sites, we wanted to give our users options to get right to the information they are looking for.

We’ve added filters so users can narrow their search. Roadside campground and recreation sites can be filtered by region, whether or not they are off the beaten path (undiscovered), by the type of site (campground or recreation) and availability by month. Backcountry campgrounds can be filtered by region or users can view all of the listings.

Meeting a user need

It can be a frustrating experience if you go camping for the weekend and find all the spots are taken. We wanted to provide our users with a way to identify when a particular campground might be busy so they can plan their trip accordingly.

We used historical data to forecast when campgrounds are busy. Knowing when a campground has poor or very good availability will help users plan their next camping trip.

We have also included alerts for these pages. These will appear at the top of the page to let our users know if or when campgrounds are closed due to weather, bears or other issues.

Diving in deeper

Individual campground pages now have more details. 

Users can find:

  • the dates a campground is serviced;
  • the total number of sites and the number of pull-through sites;
  • where a campground is located (km marker and GPS coordinates);
  • downloadable maps highlighting the campsites;
  • a list of the services available at each site; and
  • a description of the campground or recreation site.

We will continue to track user feedback to improve how we present this information in the future.

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