Yukon.ca website performance framework

This post outlines some of our strategic thinking and planning with regard to measuring Yukon.ca website performance. It outlines the purpose of Yukon.ca, the government’s goals for the website, a definition of user needs and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Overview and background

For a website or digital service to meet its targets, we need to be able to set performance goals and know how to measure them. We do this to ensure what gets built complies with the Government of Yukon Digital Standard.

This information is based on the executive summary from the Yukon.ca alignment workshop (July 2016) and research and input from Executive Council Office, eServices for Citizens, members of the web advisory committee and many other internal stakeholders.

Purpose: Why does the Yukon.ca website exist?

"The purpose of the Yukon.ca website is to bring all government information and services together in one place, designed around the needs of users."

Source: Yukon.ca alignment workshop (July 2016)

Organizational goals for Yukon.ca

How will things be better? These are the strategic objectives that tell us whether we are accomplishing the defined purpose for Yukon.ca.

All government information and services together in one place

  • Be simpler. Make Yukon.ca the single, trusted and canonical source for Government of Yukon on the web.
  • Be clearer. Deliver government information and services in a coherent, reliable way that is easy for people to discover, understand and use.
  • Be more efficient. Reduce the ongoing operational costs of Government of Yukon information and service delivery.
  • Meet higher standards. Government of Yukon will set and then publish its own standards. We will then continually work to meet and improve upon those standards, including those for accessibility, security and privacy.

Be focused on user needs

  • Be focused on user needs, not how government is structured. Citizens should not have to understand how government works in order to get what they want.
  • Be open and participative. Citizens trust a government that is accountable and listens to their opinions.
  • Be bilingual. All information and services are to be available in English and French.
  • Increase user satisfaction. Make it easy for users to send us their feedback. We then need to turn around and act on that feedback to improve our information and services.

User needs for Yukon.ca

Look at the goals outlined above and match each of them with a specific user need.

Be simpler

  • As a citizen, I need to get relevant and accurate information from the government website so that I can accomplish my desired task.
  • As a web manager, I need to publish high quality web content so that I can ensure information we deliver is relevant, accurate and meets user needs.
  • As a director, I need to ensure our website content is optimized so that I can make the best use of my staff's time and minimize support costs.

Be clearer

  • As a citizen, I need to understand exactly what I have to do in order to get exactly what I want from the government.
  • As a service owner, I need to provide the optimal service experience to users so that I can minimize failed transactions and reduce support costs.

Be more efficient

  • As a senior official, I need to control or reduce overall spend so that I can ensure value for money and be accountable to citizens.

Meet higher standards

  • As a citizen, I need to know how the government is managing my personal information in a secure and private way so that I can trust them.
  • As a citizen who uses assisted digital support (that is, people who need information or a service but don't have the skills or access to do so on their own) I need to be provided help so that I can accomplish my task.

Be focused on user needs

  • As a citizen, I need to understand exactly what I have to do in order to get exactly what I want from the government.

Be open and participative

  • As a citizen, I want to offer my feedback on ideas so that I can influence government plans.
  • As a citizen, I want to see evidence for decisions and outcomes so that I can trust government will do what it says it will do.

Be bilingual

  • As a citizen who speaks French, I want to get services and information in French so that I can accomplish my task.

Increase user satisfaction

  • As a citizen, I need to send my feedback to the government so that they can provide better service to me and others.
  • As a manager, I need to be able to receive feedback from citizens so that I can improve our online information and services.

Key performance indicators for Yukon.ca

How will we determine if things are better? This is how we will measure website performance.

  • Reduced number of unnecessary content on government websites (e.g. gov.yk.ca)
  • Reduced number of unnecessary external government websites (i.e. boutique websites)
  • Reduced operational costs to deliver government information and services online
  • Increased volume of transactional services delivered online compared to other channels
  • Decreased volume of offline support inquires to staff (e.g. phone-calls, in-person, mail, fax and email) due to improved content on the website
  • Increased volume of positive "user experience" feedback forms submitted by citizens
  • Increased volume of government information and services delivered in French

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