What we’re working on: June 2017

This is a list of some of the things we’re working on this month and what we plan to do next.

Digital services

Yukon.ca website

  • Develop a statement of work to design and build Yukon.ca out as a functional website.
  • Prepare for development of enhancements and usability improvements to the Government of Yukon version of Drupal.
  • Add more content and make improvements to the Digital Standard website.
  • Enhance user account standards for Drupal accounts on Yukon.ca.
  • Further tighten up security controls of the eServices Platform that will run the Drupal-based Yukon.ca website.
  • Optimize the technical infrastructure of the eServices Platform so it's faster, simpler and more robust.

Things we plan to do next

In July, we expect to:

  • Prepare for the development of a standard user interface toolkit for external developers to utilize in their work.
  • Continue to operate and evaluate Piwik.
  • Conduct more user testing of services both in private and public beta modes.
  • Develop a user training plan and supporting documentation for how to use Drupal's content management features.

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