The plan to migrate government forms to

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been focused on migrating department and corporation webpages to, and tackling campaign websites. With that work well underway, we can now focus on migrating government forms.

The 1st phase of migration

We’re migrating our existing PDFs to Departments migrate their forms by auditing the information in the forms, making the forms brand compliant and uploading forms to document download pages. As of today, we’ve migrated 87 forms, and 59 are ready to be published.

Users can access forms in 3 ways

  1. Go straight to a task page. For example, if you were on the website to apply for a loan to build your first home, you’d find the forms you need laid out in the steps to apply.
  2. Use the Forms search in the footer of each webpage. This takes users to a Forms search page where they can filter the search results by keyword, department or category.
  3. Use the main search. Users can filter the search results by “form” to display the forms that have been migrated.

Next steps

We will continue to migrate forms to The government has hired contractors help with this process. We will also continue to collect feedback so we can refine and improve the user experience on our forms pages.

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