Open data update

We launched the government’s open data website in June 2019. Since that time, we’ve been working to improve the content and we’ve started to gather feedback and track our analytics.

Since June, we’ve had:

  • 2,416 visits;
  • 1,735 unique visits; and
  • 681 return visits.

Between July 31 and October 22 the open data site has seen an average of:

  • 72 visits a week;
  • 47 unique visits a week; and
  • 25 return visits a week.

Since we launched the open data site our users have downloaded 161 datasets and 140 unique datasets. See our most popular datasets.

Improving our clarity through content

After the open data website launched, the Yukon Privacy Commissioner sent us some feedback on ways we could improve the site. To accomplish this, we’ve developed content to make it clear that users aren’t required to submit their email address when they suggest a dataset. We also included information to describe what happens when users submit a suggestion so they can have an idea of timelines and criteria.

We’ve also recently migrated the open data site to a new server infrastructure, to ensure that we have the latest version of the infrastructure that hosts the site.

Evolving the open data website

Our plan is to continue to work with citizens and government departments and corporations to add more datasets to the site. We monitor site feedback and suggested datasets to get a better idea of the type of data people want to see on the site. We also look at other jurisdictions to see what their top datasets are so we can ensure we add high value content.

We will also carry on with our periodic security and version updates for the open data platform.

Work planned for phase 2 includes improvements to voting statistics, new features and the addition of open information. An example of open information will be the proactive disclosure of information that will come into effect under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act in May 2021.

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