Introducing the Government of Yukon Digital Standard

We are pleased to introduce availability of the Government of Yukon Digital Standard.

The Digital Standard is where we provide detailed guidance for teams building government services that are simpler, clearer and faster for everyone.

The Digital Standard is in public beta. We'd love to get your recommendations on what can be better organized, written or explained. We'd also like to know what's missing and would be valuable for us to add.

We have launched this site with guidance on the following.

  • Agile delivery process. This describes how we work in an agile way. It includes phases and techniques.
  • Code management and deployment. 
  • Content design guide. This includes the Style Guide and guidance on writing for
  • Design patterns. Find solutions to common transactional service design problems.
  • Digital service standard criteria. This is the criteria we’ve developed to inform service design.
  • eServices Platform (ESP). This is the technology that supports service development at the Government of Yukon.
  • Meet the standard. All public-facing government services must meet the standard.
  • Service assessments. Find out how we can support a service when it’s being assessed for compliance.

The Digital Standard is a work in progress. We are constantly refining our processes and adding more content.

Send your feedback and suggestions to

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